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     Affordable, Online, Modern Therapy

"A fit body, a calm mind, a house full of love. These things cannot be bought--they must be earned." - Naval Ravikant

Affordable ($75 New Client Promo) - No Contracts

I offer affordable therapy on-demand, when you need it, without the constraint of monthly contracts.

Convenient (Online / On-phone)

No Commute, No Waiting Rooms. Do it on your lunch break or when you have a free 45-minutes in your day. True Privacy.

Walk-and-Talk or In-Office near Donelson, TN 37214

Walk and talk sessions available in or near Donelson, TN. On-demand office fee applies to in-office sessions ($25).

Practical Tools, Peace of Mind:

  • RESULTS-ORIENTED: I believe therapy needs to be more than a venting session.  Leave every session with written action plan of possible weekly "micro-experiments" to try.
  • HIGH-VALUE: See some quick wins, build key coping skills, and rapidly ramp down to less frequent (1-2x /month) maintenance therapy. ON-DEMAND, NO-CONTRACTS, NO DIAGNOSIS.
  • OLDER, LIFE-EXPERIENCED THERAPIST: As a 40-something man, married a decade, and raising an elementary school child, I can relate to the real-world issues my clients face. Having a "misspent youth" and coming to therapy as a second career, I can relate to clients with real-world experience in business, tech, military, substance use / moderation, couples issues, ADHD, anger, and other issues.

"Peter has been an invaluable asset as I unearth my own approach to intimate relationships and restoring motivation. He is a great accountability partner and we connect well over our shared experience in tech and business."

- Tech Professional, Chattanooga

"The other therapist didn't do shit ... so this is REALLY refreshing!"

- Realtor, Nashville

“He's an extremely knowledgeable and understanding therapist. I thoroughly enjoy our sessions and feel like I'm making genuine progress.”

 - Modern Professional, Tennessee



Real Men (and Women) Go To Therapy

If you're considering therapy, or haven't tried therapy before, I really recommend you give it a try whether it's with me or with someone else.

I endured quite a bit of unnecessary suffering in my youth from trying to be "John Wayne" and hold everything in myself, and since becoming a counselor and working with hundreds of men (and women) I know that alot of people are needlessly suffering trying to "John Wayne" it themselves.

Let's be part of a generation that works on ourselves not just physically or financially, but also to be men (and women) that handle ourselves with a level of inner-game and interpersonal skill.

I think our families, our society, and our children and grandchildren's generations deserve it -- What do you think? And more importantly, what are you going to do about it?

- Peter Himmelreich, LPC-MHSP,